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Prairie Disposal an R360 Company

R360 Environmental Solutions is proud to offer the following services at this facility:

  • E&P solid waste landfill
  • Drilling and completion fluids processing
  • Oil recovery
  • Bins and rails

Acceptance Procedures

  1. Download Waste Data Sheet
  2. Complete & email to
  3. You will recieve the profile back with your job number and waste hauling manifest that travels with each load

Accepted Wastes

Drill Cuttings*

  • Freshwater Drill Cuttings
  • Invert Drill Cuttings
  • Saltwater Drill Cuttings

*Must be stabilized and capable of passing Paint Filter Test (EPA Method 9095B)

Drilling Muds (~ oily waste)

  • Saltwater Drilling Mud
  • Freshwater Drilling Mud
  • Invert Mud Hauled in Tankers

We keep Scoria Fines on location that can be back hauled to your location.Super vacs are acceptable if they have a valve and pump to off-load liquids.

Facility Location

102C10 52nd Street NW
Tioga, ND 58852
Office phone:  701-664-3383


For appointment and schedule, call 701-664-3383.
Waste accepted 24/7.

R360's facilities are strategically located to provide dependable access to the nation's most active regions.

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