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Oil Reclamation & Tank Bottom Disposal

R360’s oil reclamation processes ensure maximum hydrocarbon recovery and minimum liability.

At R360, we offer the industry’s best in oil reclamation services. Our regulated processes ensure optimum recovery, followed by a safe disposal of all remaining waste.

Here’s how it works: As every load is received, it is tested to establish market value. Next, the load is allowed to settle in our special treatment facilities, followed by a water skimming procedure that captures the salvage oil. R360 services bottoms and sludges from crude storage tanks for the most part, but will also accept those from saltwater storage tanks.

Through oil reclamation, R360 offers a simple way to recover oil, while complying with government regulated disposal guidelines. It’s just another process you can depend on for your environmental disposal and recycling needs.

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Waste Connections Announces Agreement To Acquire R360 Environmental Solutions
Waste Connections, Inc. (NYSE: WCN) today announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire the business and operating subsidiaries of R360 Environmental Solutions

R360's facilities are strategically located to provide dependable access to the nation's most active regions.

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