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Closed Loop Systems

Lower both costs and operator liability through R360’s sustainable turn-key closed loop systems.

If you need an all-around solution for on-site waste treatment and storage, R360’s closed loop systems are the answer. All of our turn-key systems are specially engineered by our experts and customized to meet the demands of your specific projects. With systems for rig sites, water recycling and solids recycling, R360 has the closed loop options for almost every waste treatment need.

  • Rig Site Loops – This system utilizes rig sets of three 20-yard, top-sealed rig bins and a set of rails to reduce the possibility of content spillage. And to allow for continuous production, there are two bins on the rails at any time.
  • Water Recycling Loops – This system is used to ensure treated fluids become recycled water or are injected.
  • Solids Recycling Loops – This system is used to ensure treated solids go to stockpile, land fill or become R3 RoadBase.

When it comes to reducing costs and liability, our systems help reduce the overall bulk of waste loads, and help ensure those very loads stay contained to designated bins and disposal areas. That means you can count on R360 to help avoid unnecessary cost and risk today—and tomorrow.

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Waste Connections, Inc. (NYSE: WCN) today announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire the business and operating subsidiaries of R360 Environmental Solutions

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